Thessaloniki, Sephardic Metropolis

The Simon Marks Photographic Exhibit was assembled through the efforts of the late Myriam Novitch for the kibbutz Beth Lohamei HaGettaoth in Israel. It was planned and executed by Joel Marcel who prepared the program, Alberto Nar who wrote the texts, Dan Gelbert and Hanah Goldfein who designed it.

The exhibition traces the history of the Jewish Community from the foundation of the city, in 315 BCE, through WWII and is composed:
a) of eleven units, one for each historic period of the Community:
1. The first Jews in Thessaloniki
2. The Roman conquest
3. Byzantine Thessaloniki
4. Venetian rule
5. The Ottoman occupation and the arrival of Sephardic Jews
6. The messianic movement of Shabetai Zevi
7. The new renaissance
8. 1912, Thessaloniki's liberation
9. The great fire of 1917
10. From the fire to the Holocaust
11. The war of 1940-41
b) of several panels which illustrate the general fields of activity of the Jews through pictures, sketches, artifacts and texts:
Jewish neighborhoods, structure and administrative apparatus of the Community, printing houses, newspapers, religious life and synagogues, education and theological seminars, welfare institutions, industry and commerce, Zionist movements and other ideological trends, athletic clubs, etc.